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Rear View of a Businessman


Our clients appreciate and love us because we can assist them with their entrepreneurial ventures from the administrative and Human Resources standpoint. Our experience, professionalism and expertise allow them not to get bogged down in the details and we all know the details can be the most frustrating part of getting started, never mind continuing. This is where The Key P.A. steps in to assist.


We begin by providing a consultation, to access your needs and confirm if they are in the scope of our services, at no cost. The consultation allows you to brainstorm with one of our consultants and allows us to assist in helping you answer simple questions like,  "Where do I start?". After the consultation, we transfer the information to paper in an organized manner and present a proposal that provides a summary of recommended services. The proposal will provide a flat rate or per-transaction fees associated with the suggested services and tentative dates of completion for each step of the project. We excel at this because we bring forth clarity to help you understand the necessary steps to move forward.  


Once the final proposal is accepted, terms and conditions have been met, the work will begin. We will assist you with research, errands related to filing documents, finding vendors for branding and other tasks. Some clients eventually hire staff and others continue to utilize The Key P.A., either way, we will be here for you! We desire to build partnerships with our clients for life!


Our clients stay because we provide excellent customer service with a personal touch to every task completed and we are available to meet in person or virtually. We are convenient, and most importantly, our owner is very intent on making our services affordable and keeping unnecessary stress out of the equation. 


We look forward to being the key to unlocking free time for you, helping you to build your business and reach your goals.


Offering quality services at an affordable price is our number one priority. With most of our clients being working professionals, who are seeking to start a business, we aim to make cost more of a manageable and realistic expense.


We are convenient and easy to access whenever needed. We prefer a two-day notice, however we work with last minute requests, as we recognize life comes with unexpected needs and we are here to service you, when needed. 


Our team includes individuals who are skilled and knowledgeable but most importantly, who care about others. We want every client we assist to be successful and we do our part to make sure that our participation in that success is of quality, is accurate and done with tact.


 We focus on providing physical assistance to our clients, as being able to sit-down and speak to a client or go complete a task is a need and we want to fill the gap.

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