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Up to 1 hour consultations are at no charge to clients.

We are flexible with meeting with clients, we even have availability during evening hours and on weekends, as it works for their schedules. 

For some of our services, we charge a non-refundable retainer fee to begin work. This is due to the fact that we begIn work, as soon as, the contract is signed. However, if a client cancels and reconnects to continue services within 60 days of the cancellation, additional retainer will not be required.

Some of our services are offered at flat rates, depending on the project or event and are detailed in the project proposal.  

All third party fees (ie. costs associated with a purchase on your behalf, printing costs, website hosting, mailing fees, etc.) must be paid in advance and are separate from The Key P.A. fees.  

LaShawn and The Key P.A. team have a strong focus on customer service and satisfaction. Our clients continued confidence in our service is of utmost importance

and we endeavor to maintain and strengthen these relationships.


With this, our main commitment is your satisfaction.

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